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F 74 D2 D3 c.11 - -Introduction -Decorations at Danvers -Decorations at Danversport -Decorations at South Danvers -Arrangements -Programme of Reception -Chief Marshal's Notice -The Procession -Cavalcade -Fire Department -Schools -Exercises at the Peabody Institute -Mr. Abbott's Address -Song by the children of the Holten High School -Mr. Peabody's Reply to Mr. Abbott -The Dinner -Speech of Mr. Daniels -Speech of Mr. Peabody -Speech of Governor Gardner -Speech of Hon. Edward Everett -Song of Welcome by Mrs. Joel R. Peabody -Speech of Mr. J. B. C. Davis -Speech of President Walker -Speech of Mayor Meservy -Speech of Prof. C. C. Felton -Ode by Mrs. George A. Osborne -Speech of Mr. Charles Hale -Speech of Judge White -Speech of Judge Upham -Speech of Mr. Carruthers -Speech of Mr. Charles W. Upham -Ode, by Miss Harriet W. Preston -toasts and Sentiments -Letter -Evening Levees -The Next Day -Conclusion -The Press -From the Boston Evening Transcript -From the Boston Daily Advertiser -From the Boston Atlas -From the Boston Courier -From the Boston Traveller -From the Boston Journal -From the Salem Gazette -From the Salem Register -From the New York Times -From the American Journal of Education -From the London Times -History of the Institute -Prefatory -Historical Sketch -Mr. Peabody's Sentiment and Letter -Government of the Institute -Donors and Donations to the Institute -Laying of the Corner-Stone -Remarks of Mr. Daniels -Address of Mr. Abbott -Speech of Hon. Abbott Lawrence -Speech of Mayor Seaver of Boston -Speech of Mayor Huntington of Salem -Speech of Hon. George S. Hillard -Speech of Mr. C. W. Upham -Epistle to Future Generations -Dedication -Mr. Daniels' Remarks -Original Hymn -Address of Hon. Rufus Choate -Speech of Hon. George S. Hillard -Speech of Hon. D. A. White -Speech of Hon. Asahel Huntington -Gov. Washburn's Letter -Lyceum and Library -List of Lectures and Lecturers -Rules and Regulations of the Library

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Image of GT 510 W4 1912 - History of dress.

GT 510 W4 1912 - History of dress.

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