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E 186 P85 Mason - Memoir of Capt. John Mason by Charles Wesley Tuttle Family Of Capt. John Mason Captain John Mason's Patents of Mariana by Charles Levi Woodbury Captain John Mason's Plantations on the Pascataqua Introduction to Captain John Mason's "Brief Discourse." A Briefe Discourse of the New-found-land, with the situation, temperature, and commodities thereof, inciting our Nation to goe forward in that hope-full plantation begunne, 1620. Early English Works on Newfoundland Grant of Mariana, March 6, 1621-2. A Grant of Cape Anne in New England from the President & Councill of New England to John Mason, Esq. Grant of the Province of Maine, August 10, 1622. A Grant of the Province of Maine to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, and John Mason, Esq. Grant of New Hampshire, November 7, 1629. By the Council of New-England To Captain John Mason. Grant of Laconia, November 17, 1629. The Grant of the Province of Laconia to Sir Ferdinando Gorges & Capt. John Mason. Grant of Pescataway, November 3, 1631. Grant & Confirmation of Pescataway to Sir Ferdinando Gorges & Captain Mason & others. Grant of New Hampshire and Massonia, April 22, 1635. Grant of New-Hampshire and Massonia to Captain John Mason. Letters and Documents from August 23, 1615 to July 4, 1661. The Royal Charter From Charles I to Capt. John Mason, August 19, 1635. Lease from the Council of New England to Wollaston, April 18, 1635 Deed of Wollaston to Mason, June 11, 1635. Deed from Gorges to Mason, September 17, 1635. The Will of Capt. John Mason, November 20, 1635. Memorial to Capt. John Mason at Portsmouth, England

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