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Image of 2005.83.120.30 - Photograph

2005.83.120.30 - Photograph

Adult book stacks on the third floor of the new building.

Image of 2005.83.120.31 - Photograph

2005.83.120.31 - Photograph

Photo of the Main floor in the Orginal building. Looking from the entrance towards the back of the Library.

Image of 2005.83.120.32 - Photograph

2005.83.120.32 - Photograph

After construction. A photo of the Main floor and the Circulation Desk.

Image of 2005.83.120.33 - Photograph

2005.83.120.33 - Photograph

Tempoary Workroom in the Old Building. This room is now the staff breakroom.

Image of 2005.83.120.34 - Photograph

2005.83.120.34 - Photograph

After construction in 1977-1978 the Children's Room was moved from the First Floor to the second and was located in the Original Building for many years.

Image of 2005.83.120.35 - Photograph

2005.83.120.35 - Photograph

In 1976 the Sutton Room went under preservation from a 1976 bicentennial grant from the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration "to provide a suitable area for the safe keeping and display of valuable historic documents." Thomas Scully, library director applied for the grant. It is unknown how much the grant was worth. This photo most likely shows what the Sutton Room looked like after the preservation work was done. In addition, the photo says the Audubon books used to be stored here.

Image of 2005.83.120.37 - Photograph

2005.83.120.37 - Photograph

Jimmy & Harry bringing steel into Lyceum.

Image of 2005.83.120.40 - Photograph

2005.83.120.40 - Photograph

Steve [Unknown] at work.

Image of 2005.83.120.42 - Photograph

2005.83.120.42 - Photograph

Construction of the new wing to the library. The first floor struction is complete and the second floor is being raised.

Image of 2005.83.120.44 - Photograph

2005.83.120.44 - Photograph

Jimmy & Mickey (Harold) working on the new wing of the Library.

Image of 2005.83.120.53 - Photograph

2005.83.120.53 - Photograph

Jimmy, Harry, Steve and Johnny in the front entrace of the old section of the library.

Image of 2005.83.120.58 - Photograph

2005.83.120.58 - Photograph

Finished addition -- Glass for the front of the building is still missing, but brick work is complete.

Image of 2005.83.120.60 - Photograph

2005.83.120.60 - Photograph

Finished Library -- Photo taken while standing across Main Street looking towards the Library.

Image of 2005.83.120.61 - Photograph

2005.83.120.61 - Photograph

Finished Library -- Looking down at the new addition from the second for third floor the original building.

Image of 2005.83.120.62 - Photograph

2005.83.120.62 - Photograph

Reference Room- New Wing

Image of 2005.83.120.63 - Photograph

2005.83.120.63 - Photograph

New computers in use. Room where computers are being used is currently the Directors office.