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Image of 2014.3.141 - Postcard

2014.3.141 - Postcard

Peabody Square postcard with the South Church and a Trolly going through town.

Image of 2014.3.17 - Postcard

2014.3.17 - Postcard

Ideal Sketch of the Old Oaken Pulpit of "South Church" in 1711 from 1913 and no. 75

Image of 2014.3.10 - Postcard

2014.3.10 - Postcard

J.B. Thomas Hospital, Peabody Mass. Postcard

Image of 2014.3.13 - Postcard

2014.3.13 - Postcard

Old Corner Square, Erected about 1720, Torn down 1906

Image of 2014.3.14 - Postcard

2014.3.14 - Postcard

New Pumping Station, Peabody, Mass. postcard

Image of 2014.3.19 - Postcard

2014.3.19 - Postcard

Ship Rock, South Peabody, M-SS. A relic of the glacial period. One of the largest boulders known. 45 feet long and 22 feet high and is estimated to weight 1100 tons.

Image of 2014.3.21 - Postcard

2014.3.21 - Postcard

Plant A.C. Lawrence Leather Co. Peabody, Mass. postcard

Image of 2014.3.22 - Postcard

2014.3.22 - Postcard

A.C. Lawrence Leather Co. postcard. Postcard shows the main plant looking down Crowninshield Street.

Image of 2014.3.23 - Postcard

2014.3.23 - Postcard

Postcard of Queen Victoria the description reads "This Portrait of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, the gift of Her Majesty to George Peabody, As 'a token of her appreciation of this noble Act of more than pricely munificence to the POOR OF LONDON,' Has been by him confided to the perpetual TRUSTEES OF THE PEABODY INSTITUTE at South Danvers, the place of his nativity, A.D. MDCCCLXVII." The name of the town of South Danvers was changed to that of Peabody in 1868. Peabody Historical Society No. 3

Image of 2014.3.25 - Postcard

2014.3.25 - Postcard

Men and Women Standing around Postcard. Unknown as to their location in Peabody.

Image of 2014.3.26 - Postcard

2014.3.26 - Postcard

Men in boats in Peabody postcard. Unknown as to where the photo was taken in Peabody.

Image of 2014.3.30 - Postcard

2014.3.30 - Postcard

Birthplace of George Peabody postcard

Image of 2014.3.33 - Postcard

2014.3.33 - Postcard

Birthplace of George Peabody Postcard

Image of 2014.3.35 - Postcard

2014.3.35 - Postcard

Birthplace of George Peabody Postcard

Image of 2014.3.36 - Postcard

2014.3.36 - Postcard

Birthplace of George Peabody Postcard. Unable to clearly read what the postcard says.

Image of 2014.3.37 - Postcard

2014.3.37 - Postcard

Birthplace of George Peabody Postcard

Image of 2014.3.41 - Postcard

2014.3.41 - Postcard

Silver Lake, West Peabody, Mass. 1905 Peabody Historical Society no. 20

Image of 2014.3.42 - Postcard

2014.3.42 - Postcard

"Crystal Lake," Lowell Street, West Peabody, Mass.postcard Peabody Historical Society no. 20

Image of 2014.3.46 - Postcard

2014.3.46 - Postcard

A Small Rose Bush Between the Windows on the Thorndike P. Earle House Proepsect Street, Peabody a connecting Link between Katharin Daland's School 1708 and Today 1914. It still bears beautiful double pink blossoms. published by the Peabody Historical Society no. 84.

Image of 2014.3.51 - Postcard

2014.3.51 - Postcard

Room in Parson Prescott House in which his Grand-Daughter Revecca Prescott was Married to Roger Sherman. A glimpse of the study on the right. published by Peabody Historical Society no. 69