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Image of 2005.124.102 -

2005.124.102 -

Peabody Organizations, Brochures, By-Laws and List of Members. The folder ranges from 1904-2010. Includes brochures for: Peabody Improvement Society, organized May 31, 1904. The purpose of the Society was the improvement and ornamentation fo the town, preservation of its natural beauties and cultivatkion of public spirit amoung its citizens. The Peabody Club, a men's club, 1916 & 1917.. Knights of Columbus: Seventy-Five Years 1900-1975 The Peabody Garden Club, begun in 1927. A 1992-93 pamphlet with by-laws and membership list. Peabody Council on Aging brochure for the Roger B. Trask Adult Social Day Center. 1993 Directory of Alzheimer's Services on the North Shore. Pe

2008.75.12 -

Boxes and materials within those boxes relate to the "Birds of America" book that John James Audubon published. This collection is made up of two boxes and one book of slides.

2008.75.13 -

Box one of the Audubon auction books. These incldue: Printed Books including The Leipzig Collection of Fine Binding and Audubon's Birds of America Highly Important Natural History Books and Autographs including Audubon's Birds of America and an extensive collection of his manuscripts John James Audubon's Birds of America From the Collection of The New York Society Library - Part One John James Audubon's Birds of America From the Collection of The New York Society Library - Part Two John James Audubon Birds of America - Chrisite's Huston October 15 & 16, 1982 John James Audubon - June 16 & 17, 1983 - Sotheby's John James Audubon The Birds of America - Sotheby's - New York

2013.100.1 -

PIL Papers - Series 5 - Box 4 - George Peabody Anniversary Events, 1995 (Box 14) Much of the material are related to the Prophetic Eye.

2013.62.10 -

Essex Agricultural Society related materials. Includes: 2 pamphlets on Ship Rock Pruning Bearing Apple Trees by J.K. Shaw 6 copies of an essay on the Essex Agricultural Society holding the fair in Peabody and their movie to Topsfield.

2014.25.43 -

PIL Papers - Series 2 - Box 1 - Folder 5 - Library Correspondence June to July 1886 Folder includes letters: From Tomas Kane & Company (137 & 139 Wabash Ave, Chicago Il.) from June 2, 1886 to G.F. Osgood -- company is making a different sales pitch for some chairs. From A. Lummur (Peabody) from June 9, to G.F. Osgood. A new floor is being put in the Lyceum and the room was 47' x 70' with once course of Hemlock boards and once course of best rift hardpine wood for the sume of $428 or with common hardpine for the sume of $350. From Thomas Kane & Company (Chicago) to G.F. Osgood. The letter included a plan of what the room would look like once the chairs were installed. The chairs w

2014.25.44 -

PIL Paperse - Series 2 - Box 1 - Folder 6 - Trustee Correspondence Auguest 1886 Letters included: Western Union - Night Message From Frank M. Bemis to G.F. Osgood on Aug. 2 - "Express to David Wilbur sample settee Lime Rock, Rhode Island don't prepay." From Frank M. Bemis of Thomas Kane & Company (New York) to G.F. Osgood Esq. on August 2. Letter infers that the Lyceums old chairs will be sold by the company. Shipping Directions on August 15. From Thomas Kane & Company to the Peabody Institute by Railroad and how they are to be delivered and install. From Thomas Kane & Company (Chicago) to G.F. Osgood on August 16. A shipping error has caused a delay in getting the chairs to th

2014.25.45 -

PIL Papers - Series 2 - Box 1 - Folder 7 - Trustee Correspondence 1886 Letters include: From Frank M. Bemis to G.F. Osgood on June 18. Talks about same chairs and what the Thomas Kane & Company can do for the Library. From Unknown to [Library Trustee's] no date. Letter on a mistake in the ordering of the chairs and how may. From G.R. Westgate & Co. to [Library Trustee's] date unknown - letter relates to installing a new floor in the lyceum. enevelope From Thomas Kane & Company (Chicago) to Library Trustee's. The company had mapped out the lyceum and a seating chart.

2014.25.47 -

PIL Papers - Series 2 - Box 1 - Folder 9 - Trustee Correspondence 1925, 1936 Inlcudes: From John M. Gray of J.M. Gray Company Architects 175 High Street Boston (October 9, 1925) to Building Committee. J.M. Gray added plans for what would become the first children's room. They offer three scheme's each in a different spot. One in what is not the assistant director's office; another near the Trustee's Room; and the third left hand end of the library. Letter from O. Applegate (Library Bureau - Library Department Boston Division. G.T. Corning, Manager, 89 Federal Street, Boston -- November 13, 1925) to Mr. Keefe. Letter explains some of the issues that they see and offer there own sugge

2014.25.48 -

PIL Papers - Series 2 - Box 1 - Folder 10 - Trustee and Committees 1939-1998 Includes Copy of Library's incorporation paper by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. [Date unknown] Note from [Unknown} 8 Fresbie Place Cambridge, MA. (May 24, 1923) to [Unknown] Mr. B.O. Perice found something and is returning it to the Library. Scrap of paper from 1/11/1938 Letter from the Deputy Secretary of Massachusetts, Joseph [unclear] [unclear] from Feb. 8 1967 and has the trup copy witnessed under the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Speech William B. hammond et. al to Peabody Institute Eben Sutton to [Unclear] of Danvers List of Trustee's (along with Lyceum & Library

2014.25.53 -

PIL Papers - Series 2 - Box 2 - Filder 30 - Peabody Institute Library Feasibility Report on Rehabilitation and Expansion Capabilities, Nov. 4, 1974 includes bid information and plans and what could be done about the Sutton Room.

2014.30.2 -

one copy of "The Way It Was - 1916" for Peabody's 75th Jubilee

2014.31.1 -

PIL Papers - Series 6 - Oversize Boxes There are 4 boxes that make up the Peabody Institute Library. These items include newspapers, large images and other items that relate to the PIL papers, but are to large to go in with the rest of the boxes. Box 1: Has blueprints and drawings that relate proposed changes to the library, some were made while others were not.

2014.31.40 -

Oversize box that has has items that relate to George Peabody; Sutton Room celling renovation and Peabody Institute Library. Along the items are An illustration from the London News from - December 23, 1869 on placing George Peabody on the H.M.S. Monarch.

2014.31.46 -

Plans and notes from the costruction and preservation of the Eben Dale Sutton Room.

2014.31.50 -

This box includes items that do not have a set theme. Included are a George Peabody Scrapbook from when he died, newspaper clippings from this Bicentennial among other items.

2014.31.56 -

Contains programs and images that relate to George Peabody. Includes: Serivces at the Funeral of George Pabody at the South Congregational Church. Photos of his grave Images of George Peabody and his death in London and America.

2014.45.4 -

Series 2 of the Veterans History project. This series includes VHS tapes of the oral history interviews. All of these interviews have been forward migrated to a digital format. Robert Withers interview is not on the VHS tape. Unknow if his interview as properly recorded or human error.

2014.45.5 -

Series 2 of the Veterans History project. This series includes VHS tapes of the oral history interviews. Box inclues interviews with: Bernard J. Kelly Charles Gargas George Peter Chronis Harold L. Linsky John Cena Robert Withers interview is not on the VHS tape. Unknow if his interview as properly recorded or human error.

2014.45.6 -

Box 3 of the Veterans History Project. Includes the last of the interviews and duplicate interviews. All of the interviews are from people who were involved in World War II. Interviews include Christos H. Shambos Clyde D. Hudnall Gladys Gaman Mary Ursula (Leahy) Hudnall Robert K. Flachbart Theodore Metropolis William Ervine Freeman