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Associated Records

2014.31.42.L -

stencil from the preservation of the Sutton Room ceiling.

2014.31.43 -

Full page illustration from "The Illustrated London news" of the removal of George Peabody's remains from the Railway to the H.M.S. Monarch at Portsmouth, England, UK.

2014.31.45 -

Plans of the Sutton Room ceiling restoration, 2003

2014.31.6 -

PIL Papers - Series 6 - Box 1 - Folder 5 - Front Elevation of Special Wood Shelving Unknown if this was for the Sutton Room or for the Reading Room.

2014.31.47 -

Wrapper for Letters Contracts & [unclear] relating to enlargment Peabody Institute at South Danvers 1867 & 1868

2014.31.48 -

Stencil test before work began on the Sutton Room ceiling in 2003

2014.31.49 -

Stencil test before work began on the preservation of the ceiling in the Sutton Room in 2003

2014.31.51 -

The city of London giving George Peabody a Gold Box. This is the proclamation

2014.31.54 -

Article on George Peabody and the work he did in Danver/South Danvers/Peabody and London. The newspaper clipping is mated to a carboard backing.

2014.31.55 -

Ledger for Sutton Room Committee that has payments made for Salaries, Books, Magazines Supplies, Ect inclues what is bieng Withheld (both Federal and State) and F.I.C.A taxes.

2014.31.60 -

Front page of "The Illustrated London News" from Saturday, December 25, 1869 no. 1573 Vol. LV - on the front cover is an image of George Peabody's body being loaded onto the H.M.S. Monarch. caption reads - "Recption of Mr. George Peabody on board the Monarch, at Portsmouth - See Page 647"

Image of 2014.31.61 -

2014.31.61 -

Reception of Mr. Peabody's body on board the Monarch, at Portsmouth - See Page 647

Image of 2014.31.65 -

2014.31.65 -

The mortuary chapel on board the "Monarch" were Geroge Peabody is placed.

Image of 2014.31.66 -

2014.31.66 -

Sketch titled "The Peabody Funeral Fleet" by William & Norton

Image of 2014.31.68 -

2014.31.68 -

Landing of the remains of Mr. Peabody at Portland, ME

Image of 2014.31.69 -

2014.31.69 -

Image of the "Arrival of the 'Monarch' at Portland, with the remains of Mr. Peabody on board." With an article to go with the story.

2014.31.7 -

PIL Papers - Series 6 - Box 1 - Folder 6 - Plan of Lyceum gallery on starched linen Gives details about the gallery and where the boards were and how wide they were and the space bewteen each board.

Image of 2014.31.70 -

2014.31.70 -

Article on the last honors that George Peabody received in Portland, Maine.

Image of 2014.31.71 -

2014.31.71 -

Drawing of "The Peabody Funeral Train"

Image of 2014.31.72 -

2014.31.72 -

Image of what the outside of the Library looked like when it was decorated for George Peabody's funeral.