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Image of 2013.60.9 -

2013.60.9 -

Unknown map of a street in Peabody.

2014.31.42.D -

stencil for the preservation of the Sutton Room Celling.

Image of 2013.95.12 -

2013.95.12 -

Miscellaneous City of Peabody Papers Ad from Warren National Bank Ad from Standard Accident Insurance Company of Detroit, Michigan -- local agent Harold G. Childs Essex County Assessors' Figures by Town from 1865 to 1935 at Five Year Intervals -- May 1937 U.S. Department of Commerce -- Bureau of the Census -- Summary by States. 1935 What the Resettlement Administration has Done1936 Table Showing the Employment of the Tenants last years figures [no date] [number crunching] [no date] outline of taxes paid [no date] Historical Sites and Monuments of Peabody (2005.124.80.1) Armenian Genocide Ceremony Program April 21, 2005 (2005.124.80.7) Downtown Peabody: A Hi

2014.10.8 -

PIL Papers - Series 5 - Box 1 - Folder 16 - George Peabody Letters George Peabody letters include an envelope and a folder.

Image of 2013.98.13 -

2013.98.13 -

Peabody Ward Newspaper Clippings (Wards 1-6) Articles Include: Ward 1: Development Cuts Down on Open Land Ward 1 a place for families Ward Shares Traits with West Peabody South Peabody has rice and varied history Ward 1 street scene speaks of place for families to grow. Ward 2: Ward home to working class people (2 copies) Area represents a mix of old and new (2 copies) Ward 2 was home to tannery workers Ward 5: Ward is Largest and most diverse Ward Profiles: Route 1 expansion changed the ward Couples-only club still one of a kind Views of City's Ward 5 have changed with time ward 5 has changning faces Ward 6: Single family homes replaced farmland Exactly

Image of 2013.98.15 -

2013.98.15 -

Article written some time between 1980-1992 Association gives promise to youth: Provides something to look forward to. The article is about how Peabody use to sponsor a day trip to Maine and how Edward Kuva, Ward 2 city councilor in 1958 wanted to keep the tridation alive. From 1958-1968 it was for Ward 2 kids only but it grew to wider.

Image of 2013.98.4 -

2013.98.4 -

Newspaper articles Ward 1 Street Scene Speaks of Place for Families to Grow by Ray Routhier South Peabody has Rich and Varied History by Ray Routhier Development Cuts Down on Open Land by Amy Ash

Image of 2013.98.6 -

2013.98.6 -

Division 1 --- The City and Its General Government Functions: Summary of Findings and Recommendations table of contents

2014.31.42.F -

stencil from the preservation of the Sutton Room celling.

2013.99.9 -

George Peabody Bicentennial Newspaper Clippings. Various articles relating to the Bicentennial of Geroge Peabody's birth.

2014.10.16 -

PIL Papers - Series 5 - Box 1 - Folder 2 - George Peabody Images Two prints of George Peabody. One as an adult while living in London the other as a young man.

2014.31.59 -

Funeral of Mr. George Peabody in Westminster Abbey - clipping - no date.

2014.12.15 -

School Records Box 3, which covers the schools in Peabody from 1865 to 2006. Much of what is in the box relates to reports and business related to the school.

2014.31.42.G -

stencil from the preservation of the Sutton Room celling.

2014.31.42.H -

stencil from the preservation of the Sutton Room celling.

Image of 2014.14.18.B -

2014.14.18.B -

Note with the address the Massachusetts Treasures Office. Based on the handwriting it appears that they are looking for the Veterans Bonus Division. Note reads: State Treasures Bouns Division Room 227 State House Boston, Mass 02133

2014.31.42.C -

stencil that was in the preservation of the of the Sutton Room celling.

2014.31.5 -

PIL Papers - Series 6 - Box 1 - Folder 4 - Image of front of Peabody Institute with Portico

2014.31.10 -

PIL Papers - Series 6 - Box 1 - Folder 9 - Plan showing land owned by Peabody Institute, December 1937. The parking lot next two the library on Walis Street there were two houses and behind the library was the Turner Tanning Machine Company.

2014.31.11 -

PIL Papers - Series 6 - Box 1 - Folder 11 - First Floor plans for the library Includes the children's room, librarian room, and cataloguing room.