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Image of 2010.15.1 -

2010.15.1 -

One pencil drawing. Peabody Institute, 1953.

Image of 2010.16.1 -

2010.16.1 -

Print. George Peabody House, birthplace.

2003.252.1 -

Autograph Letters. .1 - Feb. 16, 1853 letter to George Peabody from G. Washington (nephew of George Washington, appears to be George Steptoe Washington) .1.1 - Extract of a letter to Maj. George Lewis, dated from Mount Vernon on Sept. 28, 1795 - traced from original .2 - Jan. 14, 1784 letter from George Washington to J. Vaughan, Esq. .3 - April 6, 1784 letter from George Washington to Mr. Vaughan .4 - June 20, 1784 letter from Geo. Washington to Samuel Vaughan .5 - August 10, 1784 letter from Geo. Washington to Samuel Vaughan .6 - Feb. 5, 1785 letter from Geo. Washington to Samuel

Image of 2003.426.1 -

2003.426.1 -

One 16" x 15" Plan. Cross Section "B" "B" Cross Section Of Hall At "B" "B" Showing Location Of Two New Herman Nelson No. 500 "Hijset" (?) Heaters, Rating Of 1250 Sq. Ft. At 1140 R.R.M. And 830 Sq. Ft. At 570 R. R. M. Low Speed. Heaters Will Be Hung From Ceiling Of Balcony And 3 Ft. From Each End Of Heater To Wall. Appears to be plan for heaters to be placed in balcony located above stage in the Peabody Institute.

Image of 2003.7.1 -

2003.7.1 -

One 11" x 22" paper map - Map is currently restricted pending conservation work. Plan shows proposed new street off of Central, north of Bowditch Court. Name of surveyor and date not on original plan. On back of original plan is noted: "Engine House Lot, Central St." New Street appears to be Endicott Street.

Image of 2004.284.1 -

2004.284.1 -

Map of downtown Peabody from the circa 1890s that is similar to the Sanborn Insurance Maps. This maps shows the streets, and locations of buildings and houses along with who owned them at the time. The map also provides the house numbers of the area. This photocopy of the original map shows. Perkins Street; School Street; Lowell Street; Railroad Aveune; Sawyer Street; Crowninshield Street; Endicott Street; and Kosciusco Street. In addition, the map also shows the location of the Lowell Boston and Maine Railroad. Crowninshield Pond, the Ice House and power station are shown on the map.

Image of 2004.333.1 -

2004.333.1 -

Page two (2) of plans to update the auditorium on the second floor of City Hall. The blueprints shows a "cross section of [the] Hall at 'B' 'B' showing locations of two new Herman Nelson No. 900 'Hiject' heaters, rating of 1250 square feet at 1140 R.R.M. and 830 square feet at 570 R.R.M. low speed. Heaters will be hung 14" from [the] ceiling of [the] balcony and 3 feet from each end of heater to wall.

2005.83.181.M -

Stencil test before preservation work began on the Sutton Room in 2003

2005.83.129.F -

Danvers Centennial Celebration - Speech Fragment The Danvers Centennial Papers were created by the Committee formed in the Town of Danvers in 1851. Included are a small booklet recording the minutes of the meetings, a few accounts detailing expenses, resolutions made by committee in response to George Peabody's offer of $20,000 to create the Peabody Institute, instructions regarding the publication of the "Account of the Centennial Celebration in Danvers, June 16, 1852," and any correspondence sent to committee members. Because Fitch Poole was also on the committee and the first Librarian of the Peabody Institute, many of these papers were stored here. Letters came from Andrew

2005.83.181.A -

ornamentation for the Sutton Room.

2005.83.181.B -

Profile of the finish to the Front of the building on the gilded side.

2005.83.181.C -

Rear elevation of library.

2005.83.181.D -

Molding for the Sutton Room windows.

2005.83.181.E -

Working plans for the granite portico for the main entrance of the Library

2005.83.181.H -

Molding design for the Sutton Room.

2005.83.181.J -

Gallery plans for the lyceum.

2005.83.181.K -

Picture of flowers that are painted in the Sutton Room. This was done during the preservation of the Sutton Room ceiling in 2003

2005.83.181.L -

Moldings for the Sutton Room during construction.

Image of 2005.83.184 -

2005.83.184 -

Scrapbook of images of George Peabody, either photographs, print or those found in newspapers. Includes images of trustees from earliest days to the . Some are signed.

2007.12.2 -

The Miscellaneous Papers - 1752-1910 A pair of 1752 lottery tickets signed by James Porter of Danvers. It is likely that this is the same James Porter who was the Town Clerk of Danvers and also Selectmen from 1788-1790. _____________________________________________________ An 1804 letter from Molly Dale (or Dole) from London to her children in the United States; an 1820 note; an 1876 to 1878 account ledger between Warren Putnam and H. A. Wilkins & Sons; an 1881 note and letter from William H. Lee regarding John Patterson’s history; and miscellaneous papers of events held in Peabody by the Essex County Teacher’s Association, 1907 to 1910. They also include a diary by William Blaney Ha