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Image of 2010.40.1 - Bowl, Punch

2010.40.1 - Bowl, Punch

Footed Wooden Bowl. No note of donor or history.

2016.55.27 -

This article is about Father Frank Toste who is a "priest/actor/teacher from Peabody Massachusetts. Toste has been a priest for the Holy Cross Fathers for the past 21 years. The Holy Cross Fathers "encourages its priests to work in non-religious institutions." Frank was also a advisor for the T.V. show M.A.S.H. From Frank Toste's obiturary: Father Toste was born on March 20, 1926 in Providence, Rhode Island, the son of Anthony and Mary (Pental) Toste. He entered the U.S. Navy in March of 1944 and was honorably discharged in 1946 after service in the U.S., Europe and Africa. He received a B.A. from Stonehill Coll

Image of 2003.426.1 -

2003.426.1 -

One 16" x 15" Plan. Cross Section "B" "B" Cross Section Of Hall At "B" "B" Showing Location Of Two New Herman Nelson No. 500 "Hijset" (?) Heaters, Rating Of 1250 Sq. Ft. At 1140 R.R.M. And 830 Sq. Ft. At 570 R. R. M. Low Speed. Heaters Will Be Hung From Ceiling Of Balcony And 3 Ft. From Each End Of Heater To Wall. Appears to be plan for heaters to be placed in balcony located above stage in the Peabody Institute.

Image of 2003.7.1 -

2003.7.1 -

One 11" x 22" paper map - Map is currently restricted pending conservation work. Plan shows proposed new street off of Central, north of Bowditch Court. Name of surveyor and date not on original plan. On back of original plan is noted: "Engine House Lot, Central St." New Street appears to be Endicott Street.

Image of 2004.284.1 -

2004.284.1 -

Map of downtown Peabody from the circa 1890s that is similar to the Sanborn Insurance Maps. This maps shows the streets, and locations of buildings and houses along with who owned them at the time. The map also provides the house numbers of the area. This photocopy of the original map shows. Perkins Street; School Street; Lowell Street; Railroad Aveune; Sawyer Street; Crowninshield Street; Endicott Street; and Kosciusco Street. In addition, the map also shows the location of the Lowell Boston and Maine Railroad. Crowninshield Pond, the Ice House and power station are shown on the map.

Image of 2005.83.184 -

2005.83.184 -

Scrapbook of images of George Peabody, either photographs, print or those found in newspapers. Includes images of trustees from earliest days to the . Some are signed.

2008.75.2 -

Catalog of Estate of Carrie S. Beinecke, Grace Phillips Johnson, John Stewardson, Edna McCandless Thornton and others by Christie's Auction House. Included Audubon's Birds of America.

Image of 2010.15.1 -

2010.15.1 -

One pencil drawing. Peabody Institute, 1953.

Image of 2010.16.1 -

2010.16.1 -

Print. George Peabody House, birthplace.

2009.70.1 -

One Award. Universal Exposition, 1878. Peabody Foundation for Southern Education.

Image of 2010.57.1 -

2010.57.1 -

Map of Land near Appleton and Saltonstall families near the Newburyport Turnpike. The mape is 16"x 28" and was done on tracing paper. The maps also shows that a new well and fence would go in.

Image of 2013.107.1 -

2013.107.1 -

Acknowledgement of gift received postcard of donation made by the Peabody Institute

Image of 2013.28.10 -

2013.28.10 -

Scrapbook that covers the Golden Jubliee in Peabody (1916-1966).

Image of 2013.60.10 -

2013.60.10 -

Map of Sutton Street and Ayres and deals with a 3 acre piece of land, which may be the gravel pit.

Image of 2013.31.1 -

2013.31.1 -

Scrapeook is comprised of newspaper clippings that have been photocopied and taped into the book using Scotch Tape. The book covers the years from about August 1987 to about March of 1992. The events relate to the Library from Library Trustee elections, public programs, to the construction of the West Branch Library. In addition, there are many clippings about the Trustee's attempting to sell the Audubon prints and the legal case that went with that. There are several articles about the Sutton Room and the objects in the Sutton Room. There are smaller articles on library promotions at the main and branches. There are a few articles about the events and parades in Peabody. There are

Image of 2013.31.2 -

2013.31.2 -

Scrapbook covers various parts of the Peabody Institute history through the use of newspaper clippings. The clippings also cover: public programs at the Library and around Peabody; Peabody History; articles that relate to George Peabody; Library Trustees; the George Peabody House; bicentennial of the birth of George Peabody, Dr. MaryAnne Tricario leaving the Library and the hiring of Michael Franceschi amother other articles and clippings.

2013.43.1 -

Newspaper clippings relating to Peabody's Golden Jubilee in 1966. John A. Wells (President of the Peabody Historical Society) Mayor Edward T. Meaney Gov. John A. Volpe Atty. Gen. Edward W. Brooke Edward M. Kennedy Lt. Gov. Elliot Richardson William H. Bates (Congressman)

2013.42.1 -

Misc newspaper clippings dealing with the early 20th century. They range from mayor races to human interst stories. There are two modern articles. Subjects include: Mayor J. Leo Sullivan Mayor James E. McVann Mayor Robert A. Bakeman Mayor S. Howard Donnell Keefe School Peabody Paragraphs Henry W. D'Entremont Samuel B. Brown School Councillor William Houlden Richard O'Keefe (School Committee) Nicholas Mavroules (Council President) Edqard J. Kuva (Councilor) Frederick Murtagh (Councilor)

Image of 2013.47.1 -

2013.47.1 -

Report outlines the Libraries current relationship with the city and the community. It then goes into a community profile that looks at the makeup of the residents in terms of income, education, and pay. Also listed are the problems that the city has faced. Later the reports looks at Circulation numbers and the collection itself. The end of the report there is a Library Statement and Mission along with what the library hopes to do in the future.

2013.49.1 -

Various articles about the miniture portrait of Queen Victoria and the other objects in the case along with some articles on Peabody and George Peabody.