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Name Peabody Historical Society

Associated Records

2004.268.10.10 -

List of members of the Society.

2004.268.10.11 -

Peabody Historical Society Annual Report for year 1905-06.

2004.268.10.12 -

Report for years 1906-07.

2004.268.10.13 -

Report for years 1907-08. Lexington Monument by Thomas Carroll.

2004.268.10.14 -

Announcement of meeting at Ship Rock.

2004.268.10.15 -

Annual Report for the years 1908-09. Capt. Samuel Flint and William Flint by D. Webster King.

2004.268.10.16 -

Annual Report for the years 1909-10. The First House on Felton Hill by Daniel Henry Felton.

2004.268.10.2 -

Third Annual Report of the Peabody Historical Society from 1898-1899 & 1899-1900

2004.268.10.3 -

Sixtth Annual Report of the Peabody Historical Society 1901-1902

2004.268.10.1 -

By-Laws and introduction to the Peabody Historical Society

Image of 2004.268.10.4 -

2004.268.10.4 -

Field Meeting -- The Peabody Historical Society and the Essex Institute of Salem (now the Peabody Essex Museum - P.E.M.) held a Field Meeting at Proctor's Corner, Peabody on Wednesday August 14th from 10 AM to 5 PM. Includes information as to why the meeting is being held there and how to get there form Salem, including cars and trains. People are asked to bring their own basket lunch though coffee and lemonade will be furnished by the Peabody Historical Society.

Image of 2004.268.10.5 -

2004.268.10.5 -

Eighth Annual Report of the Peabody Historical Society for the year 1903-1904.

2004.268.10.6 -

Ninth Annual Report of the Peabody Historical Society for 1904-1905 Includes Officers; Directors; Regular Meetings; New Members; Necrology; Treasurer's Report; Report of Curator and Librarian; Postcards; Gravestone Inscription; "Danvers Martyrs" (poem)

2004.268.10.7 -

Report for Society for that year.

2004.268.10.8 -

Exercises Attending the Unveiling of Tablet Erected by the Peabody Historical Society at the Birthplace of George Peabody, June 16, 1902.

2004.268.10.9 -

House of John Procter, Witchcraft Martyr, 1692 by Wm. P. Upham.

2005.83.169 -

PIL Papers - Series 5 - Box 3 - Folder 38 - Bicentennial of George Peabody's Birth Four calendars produced by the Peabody Historical Society to commemorate the Bicentennial of Peabody's birth.

2005.83.172 -

PIL Papers - Series 2 - Box 3 - Filder 43 - Centennial of Library 1853 Alternate title is "George Peabody, the Great Benefactor" by Ruth Henderson Hill for the Centennial of the Peabody Institute Library, Peabody, Massachusetts. History of Library and brief biography of Peabody. Two flyers with biography of Peabody, first published in pamphlet.

2006.18.1 -

Records of the Peabody Historical Society cover three (3) boxes. Box 1 - 2006.18.2 bulletings from 1896-1911 Publications from 1900-1904 Brochures Misc. Bicentennial Stuff Gideon Foster Brochures Box 2: Historical Society Newsletter - South Danvers Wizard 1990-2003 Three (3) copies of the 1995 PHS Calendar Box 3: Engine 3 Firehouse History

2006.18.2 -

Box 1 contains Peabody Historical Society Bulletins (1896-1911) Mics. Records George Peabody Bicentennial Publications (1995) Various Brochures -- Gideon Foster Brochures -- Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary -- Some Places of Historic Interest within the Limits of Peabody, Mass 1900 -- Pageant Peabody Historical Society will give Scenes from our Town's History at the South Church --Members of the Historical Society from 1896